Pose for Me

Pose for Me is like me a young company who is here to cater for young parents, young couples, budding actors and actresses, stylish young models and young people.. Having photographs or should I say images taken or recorded my me will be a fun experience. No matter who you are whether you are looking for a portfolio to send to a modelling agency, an actor or actress looking for a stunning head and shoulders, a loved up young couple or a mischievous child whose parents want to remind grandparents how cute they are. At Pose for Me we will cater for your photographic needs.

They say a picture paints a thousand words so when you are parted from someone special, a picture of them will help bring them closer, whether it is in a frame on the wall, or an image on your phone, no matter what the distance your memories will remain fresh as long as you have your pictures.

Pair of dice
Male Model
Romantic young couple
Pet dog
Young boy
The photographer Michelle Mack

Be honest everyone is a poser so why not pose for me and have memories that last for ever